Spica Pro MTL RTA سبيكا برو خلصت
775.00 جنيه


Designed for throat-hit… When perfection met our passion…

Top filling.
3 different 510 Air Pins: 3-, 5- and 7-leaved air pins.
Adjusting the Chimney Height
Material: SS316,PEEK,PC,PEI,aluminum
Size: 22*58mm
Capacity: 3ml (glass tank)/ 4ml(PC tank)

Packages :
1 x Spica Pro MTL Rebuildable Atomizer
1 x PC Tank
1 x Chimney Height Adjustment Key Chain (CHAK)
1 x Set of o-rings (spare parts)
1 x 3-Leaved 510 Air Pin
1 x 5-Leaved 510 Air Pin

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