Fresia MTL RTA فريشا تانك

Fresia MTL RTA فريشا تانك


  • 650.00 جنيه
    سعر الواحدة لكل 
  • وفر 100 جنيه

in my estimation one of the most cost effective atomisers
you can use it as REAL MTL and DTL
quality of production is very good
a big plus for the second glass tank because it keeps the unchanged airflow in the pocket
-very easy to build coils
-very good air flow if only go on one side
-air flow has no turbulence
-vape is very good taste

-the fault is only on the air adjusting ring, the ss version has no free space, but in the black version there is free space around the airflow ring

انهو فعلا تانك رائع
يعمل بنظام التشغيل mtl للنفس الضيق
والنظام الاخر dlللنفس الواسع
ريبلد سهل وليس معقد

كمان بنرشحلك دول