Desire Yuri RDA دريبر يوري

Desire Yuri RDA دريبر يوري


  • 500.00 جنيه
    سعر الواحدة لكل 
  • وفر 150 جنيه

Size: 23.5 x 22mm;
Spill from the bottom;
Large capacity;
Large build deck;
Available for single or dual coil;
Both small and large drip tip included;
Top anti-frying & radiating design;
Unique inverted bevel bottom air intake system;
Come with four-hole double column electrodes Deck

Yuki RDA comes with:
1 x Yuki RDA;
1 x hexagonal screwdriver;
4 x hexagonal screws;
1 x small drip tip;
2 x bottom silicone ring;
1 x top silicone ring;
2 x silicone ring for small drip tip

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