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Vaporesso Swag kit Swag kit

1,000.00 جنيه 1,100.00 جنيه
9% وفر
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General tips for using a vape
-Before you make a purchase decision, you must search for the device, watch reviews about it on YouTube, and enter the manufacturer’s website from here, in order to collect the largest amount of information about the device and how to use it.
In order to start using this mod, you will need to buy a tank from here.👉
- In order to start using this vape, you will need to buy a liquid/shisha liquid from here, and your choice of liquid must be suitable for the vape coil that you have, whether it is DL hookah or MTL cigarettes, so that the coil does not burn, you should not mix the two types or foods, because the result will always be unsatisfactory
- The first use of the coil/catheter, you must leave the liquid inside for at least 5 minutes before starting the operation, so that the cotton is saturated with the liquid before it gets hot. And the average life of the coil is from a week to 10 days, depending on the type of liquid and the intensity of use. You can buy the coil from here 👉
- Vape devices generally have a battery that needs a very special treatment in order for it to last longer with you. Do not charge the vape with a mobile charger because its amperage is high and it may waste it or reduce its efficiency quickly. It is better to charge the vape with a charger less than one ampere such as: power bank, car charger, laptop, Any multi charger. And if your device has external batteries, you can buy a battery charger from here 👉 to preserve the life of the chip/mod.

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Vaporesso Swag kit  سواج كيت - Vaporesso

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