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New MiniFit Pod

725.00 جنيه 775.00 جنيه
6% وفر


1- Device name: Pod Mini Fit
2- The contents of the box: The device with the cartridge + charger link + book
3- The device comes with one cartridge
4- Breath type: The device supports the same cigarette
5- It is used for the same narrow code as MTL -: the type of the code
6- Charging type: Charging is less than 1 amp, power bank or laptop / other than direct electricity


How to use

Three presses to turn on or off - fill the tank at least 3 minutes before use

This device is considered from the category of primitive vaping devices. It is not designed to live a lifetime, but only to give you the opportunity to experience the idea of ​​vaping nothing more, and its battery needs a very special treatment in order to continue working for a longer time. Do not charge it with mobile chargers or devices with larger batteries, because they will not last with you. Long, look for any power source less than one ampere to charge it, such as laptops, power banks, multiple chargers. Read the instruction booklet carefully before starting use, and remember that there is no warranty on vape devices in Egypt, only a 24-hour trial guarantee against manufacturing defects.

pod accessories

Cartridge refills

Box contents

The device - the main cartridge - the charging link - the instruction manual

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